Daddy is a Conundrum!

2014 Mom’s Choice Award – Silver

2014 Purple Dragonfly Award – Honourable Mention

Illustrator: Stephanie Parker












Einstein. Newton. Galileo. Their brilliant discoveries can be rather elementary when compared to a father’s fun-filled, quirky and perplexing ways. This lighthearted rhyming story will scientifically define the biggest conundrum of them all.

100% of the proceeds go to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada.  To date, over $2500 have been donated to the foundation.

“This book is Witty, Charming and Fun. I liked it.
I also appreciated the colorful illustrations.
I look forward to more titles from this author.”   — Timothy Woldt, author of Memoirs of a Poet
“Daddy is a Conundrum is a light-hearted picture book about how no scientific discovery can compare to this family’s father. The author has a great sense of humor and did an excellent job of contrasting scientific formulas and discoveries with the everyday realization that Dad’s love is even more remarkable than those breakthroughs. It’s great to see such a positive portrayal of a father and the final “quirk” of Dad being his love for his children is a perfect way to end the book.”   —  Judge’s commentary, Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards